ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — The Isotopes announced that the popular entertainment baseball team, the Savannah Bananas, will play two games at Isotopes Park on April 20 and 21. Former Sandia High School and Lobo stand-out pitcher Drew Gillespie plays for the Party Animals, which is the team that plays against the Bananas.

Gillespie said that fans can expect a great show in April.

“There is going to be something that you love in this show. It’s a constant 30-second change of something new. My honest way of describing it is like a concert mixed with a carnival in the middle of a baseball game. So, if that sounds fun then come check us out,” said Drew Gillespie.

Gillespie just wrapped up his first season with the Party Animals, and it was a pleasant surprise when he found out that the Bananas World Tour would be making a stop in Albuquerque at Isotopes Park.

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“I had no idea until I showed up for rehearsals for our draft night, and the buzz was going around of what cities we were going to, and once I found out, I was just excited for all of my friends and family to find out. Man, it’s a full circle moment you know, it really hasn’t, it won’t hit until I run out there,” said Gillespie.

Playing three seasons at UNM, Gillespie finished up his college playing days down south, and he said that’s when the Savanah Bananas came calling.

“I transferred out to Southeastern University in Florida, and my assistant coach over there was really good friends with Tyler Gillum, which is the head coach of the Bananas. You know, they made a couple of phone calls and then they called me and asked if I could come down to Savannah for a tryout. I threw to about five guys, the first guy I struck out from like three different arm slots, which they loved. You know, I showed a lot of athleticism and did some dancing and earned myself a spot and now I am on the Party Animals just hanging out,” said Drew.

Gillespie has talent on the mound and the dance floor, which makes him a perfect fit for this team.

“I never thought I’d be dancing in front of thousands of people, always hoped to be playing baseball in front of thousands of people. You know, the goal is to play in front of a million this year. Man, I am happy”, said Gillespie.

Tickets will be a lottery-based drawing. According to the Savannah Bananas Twitter, fans have until Dec. 1, 2023, to join the list. A tweet from the team“Join the Ticket Lottery List before it closes on December 1, 2023. Joining the list doesn’t guarantee the opportunity to buy tickets. A random drawing will take place about 2 months before the event. If you’re drawn, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase up to four tickets! Joining later does not affect your opportunity to be drawn for the lottery as it is random!”

To sign up for the Ticket Lottery List, click here.