ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Neighbors in the Ventana Ranch and Paradise Hills neighborhood are on edge after dozens of cars were shot up this weekend.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office says more than 28 cars were shot at early Saturday morning in Ventana Ranch and Paradise Hills. “I feel shocked…This has something to do with vandalism, no purpose just damaging something,” says Chu Jong, Ventana Ranch resident. 

BCSO believes the suspect or suspects were driving a white/silver Sedan or possibly a Hyundai, Honda, or Kia missing a hubcap on the passenger side. The cost of damages is estimated to be more than $17,000 dollars. One resident who wanted to remain anonymous says he found BB bullets on his property. 

“It’s heartbreaking because you know we work hard for our money and you know to fix something that we don’t really need to fix because some kid wants to have a joy ride,” says a Ventana Ranch resident who wants to remain anonymous.    

Another homeowner, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared ring camera video around the time of the shooting and shots can be heard in the background. A woman we spoke to says her cousin was visiting from Colorado when his car window got shattered.  

“Yeah, it’s just sad because you want your guests to feel welcome here, but you know I guess cars aren’t safe on the streets,” says Catherine Millar, Ventana Ranch resident. 

BCSO is asking for the public’s help. If you recognize that car or have damage to your vehicle, you’re encouraged to make a report.