ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – While learning new skils at home many not e the top priority for unemployed workers, proactively utilizing online courses to acquire new skill sets in a remote, socially distant capacity could make a dramatic difference when it comes to returning to work or starting new career goals.

DiverseIT Program Manager Jordan Robinson discusses their free digital literacy classes they will be offering in the new year. DiverseIT is a nonprofit program that offers connections and quality work in the technology field.

The program helps people with disabilities, people of color and women to start careers in IT with hands-on training. DiverseIT also provides computers to people with disabilities and local nonprofits.

DiverseIT’s new Digital Literacy: Ready, Set, Go! computer classes can help to get you comfortable with your computer and allow you to use it with confidence. The classes also help you avoid scams, search the internet safely, and keep learning online.

DiverseIT offers sessions in English and Spanish which are available remotely. To sign up, call 505-881-TECH. For more information on DiverseIT computer services and training, visit

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