*Editor’s Note: This story has been modified with a clarification about the amount of open space being set aside at the Anderson Farm property.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One of the last big plots of farmland in the South Valley is up for sale. It’s in an area that’s seen a development boom over the last decade and has brought some concern about the end of another open area in the South Valley.   

“This has historically been an agricultural property, of course, it’s in the middle of all the development,” said Jim Vidamour, principal broker with Fay Ranches Inc. 

A farm area that’s been around for generations near the intersection of Coors and Rio Bravo is up for sale. The land now up for sale includes more than 158 acres that is surrounded by other developments. 

“As the city expands, and there’s a need for housing and businesses, industry, as typical, I think this area is kind of in the path of development. So, it’s not a surprise that this area is being developed and targeted for development,” explained Vidamour. 

Bernalillo County said the land was approved to be designated for housing and open space in 2019 as part of the Anderson Farms Sector Development Plan. The county says despite future development, they’ve made sure to preserve a large portion of the land. In 2019, the county purchased 147 acres of the property for the purpose of open space preservation. The county says an additional portion of the property now listed for sale will also be set aside for additional open space.

“This plan is primarily for preservation of open space agricultural lands. This is beautiful lands that the community, and the county, recognizes as very important for preservation,” said Elvira Lopez, senior planner with Bernalillo County Planning & Development.           

The broker said they’ve been marketing to potential buyers across the country and, even though it’s only been about a month since it was listed, they’ve received multiple interested buyers. The farmland is currently listed at just under $11 million.