ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – City of Albuquerque councilors voted to undo recent zoning changes that paved the way for sanctioned homeless camps. Councilor Brook Bassan’s ordinance removes all references to “Safe Outdoor Spaces” in the city’s zoning rules.

Those rules established earlier this year create a framework for approving the camps, such as requiring them to be away from residential areas and close to homeless services. Bassan says the proposal was in response to overwhelming feedback from citizens opposing the camps altogether.

She says plans for the camps approved so far will still move forward. “Since the passing of this original ordinance, with the Safe Outdoor Spaces, two have been approved. There’s potential for three more. So those who say we need to try something, I think it’s important to realize we are indeed going to be trying something,” said Bassan.

The mayor could still veto the council’s decision.