ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city of Albuquerque is trying to make the ART route safer after they say drivers making a right turn weren’t following signs warning them that they must yield to traffic for drivers making a U-turn.

“We’ve added an electronic sign that shows a no right-hand turn signal when that green left-hand U-turn signal is lit as well. We did that because we were finding people turning right into the U-turns and we were hoping to make that particular intersection but other intersections as well that are using this practice safer,” said Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development Spokesperson, Scott Cilke.

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The ART bus system brought many changes to the Central corridor including the green left turn signals for drivers making a U-turn. Now, Cilke says the electronic signal is set to a timer and only remains lit, warning drivers not to turn on red whenever others are making a left or a U-turn.

Cilke says the city hopes the electronic signals will make roadways more effective for drivers and reduce the potential for crashes, but some drivers say the new changes are making some ART intersections even more confusing and don’t see the point. “You expect to go because there is no traffic and then you’re like, oh shoot, there is a red arrow and you’re waiting there and we have work to get to. We have stuff to do there is not a point in waiting at a red arrow if you don’t have to,” said driver Tonantzin Candelaria. “I know the intersection is busy, but I feel like it makes it more confusing with the no turn on red,” added another driver, Jennifer McClish.

Another area of concern is the intersection of Central and Lomas where another sign and signal have been set up to alert drivers. The DMD says it’s too early to tell if these electronic signals are making a difference. There is no word on whether more of the signals will be installed in other parts of the city.