ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People living in a quiet Four Hills neighborhood are dealing with what some call a nightmare neighbor. The house is barely visible, and the front yard is filled with furniture, appliances, and trash.

The mess is four years in the making. Neighbors said not only is the house unsightly, but it’s also a huge safety risk.

“I see it getting much worse unless the city steps in immediately,” said one neighbor.

The house is in the Four Hills neighborhood. At the house, you can barely see it. It’s covered by couches, bookcases, construction material, and toppled basketball hoops.

“It’s been ongoing for about four years now, and the owner, she brings things home just on a daily basis,” that neighbor said, “It’s oddball things. It’s tires. It’s refrigerators. It’s pallets. It’s basketball hoops. It’s, you name it, she brings it home.”

The City of Albuquerque explained that they’ve received 25 calls about the home so far this year. When KRQE visited the house Wednesday, a city vehicle showed up. An employee got out, walked toward the home, but realized there was no clear path, and left.

The owner of the house is listed as Jessica Rhiger. According to court records, she was charged with a zoning violation for the mess in April, failed to show up to court, and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Neighbors said the house is dangerous and are calling on the city for help.

“It’s a dangerous situation. I truly feel that it is. I would like the city to step in as soon as possible, like I said before, this home catches on fire and takes out a neighborhood.”

KRQE asked the city what their next step is, but they did not give any details. The homeowner does not have a criminal record other than DWI.