ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The friends and family of Lawrence Anzure, the man shot to death at Ojos Locos last August, held an event aimed at ending gun violence on Sunday. This is the first Drop Your Weapons for Lawrence event – the family plans to host one every year.

Three others were injured in that shooting. Organizers say they aren’t asking for people to give up their guns but to find common ground to keep situations from escalating to the point that a shooting happens.

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“What we’re trying to promote is that there are healthy alternatives and that we can intervene in children’s lives to prevent this kind of issue. What we are, what we are trying to do is show that there are resources and that they can get mental health assistance and to be able to find common ground with other individuals and don’t to lead to loss of emotions and gun violence,” said organizer David Aragon.

Organizers called on the suspected shooter, Javier Vargas Vasquez, to turn himself in.