ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been more than a decade since the discovery of 11 buried women in the West Mesa, and the case is still unsolved. The victims have not been forgotten. Friday at Women’s Memorial Park, the city unveiled a new structure to honor the victims.

Eleanor Griego is the mother of Julie Nieto, who is one of 11 victims found in the West Mesa 13 years ago. “The day that they came and told me they found her it was more like a relief that there I don’t have to do waiting no more. The monkeys off my shoulder now that weight on my shoulder, sort of heavy,” Griego said.

Friday at the woman’s memorial park, the city honored those victims with a new installation as a piece of beauty and remembrance.

“We’re honoring these young ladies and letting everyone know that we haven’t forgotten about them. And that we still need to recognize that we still have some of these issues that are prevalent in our in our city or state or country or nation all over across the world,” said city councilor Klarissa Peña.

There’s now multiple ‘petals’ that represent the 11 woman and the unborn child that will align perfectly around November 30th every year moving forward. The words ‘keep smiling and surely the sun will shine through’ inscribed in it.

Friday, victim’s family members are thankful for the efforts being made to remember their loved ones. “This is the happiest day, watching all this and not forgetting and the memories of my daughter being recognized,” said Griego.

Chief Harold Medina gave a brief update on the cases today saying that APD has three suspects they are looking into.