ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Mayor Tim Keller announced Thursday that they are focusing on problem properties in the city. Thursday city officials highlighted one specific property they have filed a lawsuit against, Adam Food Market.

The market is located near Central Ave. and Pennsylvania St. Durning the news conference, Chief Harold Medina stated that this property has been a challenge for years and the crime has not changed in the area. According to Medina, there have been six homicides in two years, 500 callouts for service and 117 reports at or near Adam Food Market. Luke Languit, APD Southeast Area Commander, also said he has worked with other businesses in the area to form a correlation to stop the criminal activity that the Adam Food Market is producing. According to APD, the owners and management have not cooperated with the police.

Mayor Tim Keller also spoke during Thursday’s conference, saying that this is the most dangerous intersection in the entire city. He said almost $100,000 of taxpayer money goes to cleaning up and policing this property. Keller added that the city cannot afford to have this location open and the management has not attempted to secure the property.

On Feb. 17 the City of Albuquerque filed a lawsuit to shut down Adam Food Market for “three years, repayment of all expenses incurred by the City, the hiring of licensed, bonded private security to monitor the property daily, and installation of “No Trespassing” signs citing City Ordinance.” The mayor is also set to introduce a new legislative action on Friday, March 4 that would propose changes to the City’s nuisance abatement ordinance. If passed, this action will give the city the ability to perform civil enforcement against owners and operators if they continue to let criminal activity happen on their property.