ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  The six-month-old traffic light technology put on Lead and Coal to stop speeding drivers, now has the city celebrating. “The numbers that we’re seeing are amazing,” said Dan Mayfield, Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development Spokesperson. 

The “Rest on Red” sensors turn lights red when they sense a driver going over 30. Before the sensors, the Department of Municipal Development said about half the drivers on the corridor were speeding with many going 20 miles per hour over. “Now, less than half of the cars are speeding at all, and we’ve pretty much completely eliminated all of those speeders that are going far above the speed limit,” Mayfield.  

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The city said the changes have been seen especially in the area around Coal and Girard. Along with the newer sensors, the city said speed cameras on Lead and Coal have also helped create a change in behavior. “So, quicker commute times, less pollution, less gas usage, all because of this,” said Mayfield.  

For drivers going the 30 miles per hour speed limit they should still see all green light along the road. “This was a bunch of different technologies that all came together in one thing to help this intersection and we are really proud,” Mayfield said. 

Crashes have also been a continued problem on Lead and Coal. The city said it’s planning to look at crash data in December to see if the “Rest on Red” has made a difference in that area. From there the city said it will look to see if the technology should be in other areas of town.