ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — Normally known for showing meetings, the City of Albuquerque’s media channel, once known as GOV TV, has launched a new series. It highlights some of Albuquerque’s most creative people and interesting places.

“Really, our goal here is to use media, to use narratives, to use filmmaking techniques to tell the narratives right of our city, and the stories that oftentimes maybe don’t get told,” said Anthony Rodriguez, senior video production specialist with One Albuquerque Media, “Telling people other ways they can engage or be informed about something or ways that they can participate in the community. That’s what we’re here to facilitate.”

One Albuquerque Media, formerly GOV TV, is the city’s media channel and usually focuses on government happenings. Now, they’re branching out with a new series called ‘Unity in Place.’

“A great filmmaker locally named Andre Ross, he was a contractor for us and still is, but he pitched us the idea,” Rodriguez said, “The idea came in as ‘Unity in Place,’ and what his vision was and his mission with it was to describe these pockets and these people and these communities and organizations in Albuquerque and show the web that connects us all.”

“Like the pieces of how a baker has to get his ingredients from other people around him as well as when he’s selling it, he’s at the local farmer’s market, the Downtown Grower’s Market, and you get to touch different people’s lives, you’re interacting or buying or selling or sharing,” Rodriguez said.

So far, the series only has one episode, but the crew at One Albuquerque Media said more episodes will be uploaded soon to highlight Albuquerque and how individual people connect with their communities.

“How does that bridge here in Albuquerque, and where do they intersect? And where is it happening, and how is it happening? And really exploring that, right? While it is like pockets of places, it’s still like one Albuquerque. We are united, and we can do a lot of things when we think of ourselves that way,” Rodriguez said.

The mission is to keep people informed and reflect on the place they call home.

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The creators said they plan to continue the series in the New Year. The next episode is dropping in early January and will focus on a local coffee shop.