ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city of Albuquerque, the International Sunport Aviation department, and a private company, Dalkia, are working to replace wiring for the street along I-25 and on Sunport Boulevard. The lights have been out since November 2021.

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The city says the wiring needs to be replaced in all those lights because of a transformer problem back in 2020. The city has been working with Dalkia to replace them.

Kevin Kay, Director of Operations for Dalkia, spoke about their efforts. “So part of the issue that we are trying to correct is all those lights were on the same circuit or a limited amount of circuits what we are doing in rewiring all those lights to add additional circuits add for expansion add for safety because if a circuit is overloaded then it can cause problems where lights are going out very frequently,” said Kay.

They are redoing the wiring on 149 lights on I-25 and Sunport Boulevard. The city has received a number of complaints about the lights being out since November and the exposed wiring on the light poles and wires left on the ground.

Dalkia said they do their best to clean up every night and want everyone to know the work needed to get done. “It has been a problem area, not as many lights off as you see now because it is part of the project but lights were going out on a pretty consistent basis due to old infrastructure overloaded equipment,” Kay said.

Dalkia also says the new system will be more adaptable as the Sunport area grows and more power is used. The upgrades will also allow the city to expand the lighting grid on Sunport boulevard if it’s ever expanded down to Broadway Ave.

The lights will go back on in sections until the end of March, the first turning on from the airport down Sunport Blvd., to University Blvd. turning on at the beginning of May. The second is from University down the to I-25 on/off ramps, the third along I-25.