ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A City of Albuquerque employee is under investigation for running a side business while on the clock, being paid for by you. According to the Inspector General’s report, this employee was planning trips, running personal errands, and managing a senior care facility all while working for the city.

Running a senior care facility, while at work for the City of Albuquerque, all on the taxpayer’s dime.
The Inspector General recently investigated one Department of Municipal Development employee after receiving a tip he was using his city vehicle to run personal errands to home improvement stores and operating another business during the workday.

During the course of the investigation, the Inspector General’s office found more than half of the calls made by the worker from his desk phone in a nine-month period were personal. Most of those calls were related to the assisted living facility, in the South Valley, Casa Del Valle, which the employee is suspected of owning and operating. The report also shows the employee made dozens of personal calls to places like Caesars Palace and Calibers.

The Inspector General also investigated his city email and in addition to emails related to the senior care facility. They also found personal emails for home listings, a 23andMe report, and personal travel itineraries. The man is still employed by the city but the Inspector General’s office is recommending disciplinary action.

“We are taking these allegations seriously these types of occurrences are extremely rare. We’re examining the allegations in the report and we’re also starting an internal investigation ourselves,” says DMD spokesperson, Johnny Chandler.

The Inspector General also discovered that the employee’s supervisors had some knowledge of his behavior at work and recommend they also be disciplined.

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