ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As people start venturing out again they’ll notice a big change along Central. City crews have been busy building long curbs in the middle of Central to keep drivers from cutting through the ART lanes but one popular area didn’t get the curb.

There is a mile and a half of pin curbs on Central, from 52nd Street to Rio Grande and Central. Nob Hill didn’t get them. The city says that’s because they haven’t seen as many crashes there.

While the city says Nob Hill is not as big of a problem area, there were dozens of drivers making illegal left turns through the corridor or illegally cutting through the lanes. City Councilor Pat Davis says the city is looking at other options for Nob Hill.

“We’re going to have the signals with lights to make sure cars slow down when pedestrians want to cross and we’re going to look at some median options there as well,” said Davis.

The city also added pin curbs from Washington up to San Pedro, in stretches where medians weren’t already in place. The pin curbs cost about $500,000.

These pin curbs will not stop one of the common types of crashes we see on the ART corridor, drivers making left turns on red turn arrows, without looking in their driver’s side mirror to see if an ART bus is coming up from behind them.

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