City debuts 'One Albuquerque' video in new campaign for change

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - With nearly 40 homicides so far this year and countless other crimes, the mayor's office released a short video Thursday aimed at shedding a positive light on the city and efforts to improve the community.

Mayor Tim Keller's marketing team published a new promotional video as they roll out their "One Albuquerque" campaign.

The video highlights what's great about the Duke City. Posted to the mayor's Facebook page, it's already racked up more than 5,500 views.

The city wants you to know, we're "one Albuquerque," and some locals say it comes at a time when the city needs a positive message.

"Granted, we have problems because New Mexico is a poor state and with poverty there are problems, but we have to always focus on the positive side of life," said resident Bernadette Pacheco. She says the 34-second clip nicely sums up what Albuquerque has to offer -- including chile and the Balloon Fiesta.

Meanwhile, the city says "One Albuquerque" is a broader message.

"It's a call to action; it's a movement; so it's more than just a logo per se, but it's a visual point of reference for actual hard work that's getting done across our departments and communities," said Carlos Contreras, the city's Director of Innovation and Marketing.

He says they are addressing key issues plaguing the city, like rampant crime that's now spurred more community policing.

"We are also just paying heavy attention to the very important work that individual departments are doing," said Contreras.

The video is a new approach that some locals appreciate.

"I just feel that the fact that this video is appealing to our culture is good, and I'm going to feel more proud to be a part of the city and a part of the state, just seeing all the beautiful things that are around," said resident Jessica Sepulveda.

However, other locals who watched the video say it's misleading.

Mahmoud Alasmar said he doesn't think it's an accurate representation of Albuquerque because, "It's just showing you one thing."

The city says the "One Albuquerque" video is the first of many promotional tools to be unveiled this summer.

The video was created with the help of small business owners and others in the community. Contreras says it cost about $1,000 to make.


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