ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People who are tired of drivers speeding through their neighborhoods may soon get their problem solved even faster with a proposed update to a program. This comes in response to several complaints that it was too hard to get the city to crack down on speeders.

It’s called the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program and it’s designed to come up with solutions to reduce speeding in residential neighborhoods. Now, a new update to the program could make it easier to take speeders out of people’s neighborhoods.

In a resolution sponsored by city councilors Pat Davis and Isaac Benton, they’re asking to change the qualifications for neighbors to be able to request a speed hump on their street. Currently, Councilor Benton says if neighbors wanted one, they’d have to show their street has a high volume of drivers and cut-through traffic.

This new update will make it so neighborhoods only have to meet one of those requirements. “Simple speed and showing that on a residential street, oftentimes, simple speed will be enough,” says Councilor Benton.

On top of that, Benton says this way would get rid of the need to conduct a speed survey, which can get expensive. “We kind of spent a lot of money on the program on engineers instead of actually going to do simple things that people wanted in their neighborhoods,” he says.

Of course, speed humps are not the only speed deterrents listed in the program. It can also make changes to existing medians, crosswalks, and intersections.

Councilor Benton says neighbors who previously applied and got denied for speed reducers would need to re-apply under this new update, if it passes. The resolution will be heard at city council on Monday.