ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – City councilors will meet Monday night to go over some proposed legislation that has been getting a lot of attention from the public. With some of the major topics coming from Councilor Renee Grout and Councilor Brook Bassan.

“Its become apparent to me that most people in Albuquerque are really expressing that they are not happy about the idea of enforcing and enacting safe outdoor spaces,” said Brook Bassan, District 4 Councilor.

City Councilor Brook Bassan used to support the idea but is now proposing a moratorium be put in place for safe outdoor spaces after many in her district and across Albuquerque have voiced their concerns over the city sanctioned homeless camps.

“Its not a real good first step for making sure that we do something about the immediate homeless crisis that’s in Albuquerque while also making sure to ensure the rights of the different property owners and private residents that are choosing not to live that lifestyle,” said Bassan.

The ordinance was originally passed by council, but Monday Bassan will be introducing a moratorium that will remove safe outdoor spaces from the ordinance all together. It needs five votes to pass.

However, even if that moratorium is passed at Monday nights meeting, the mayor can still veto it. City Councilor Louie Sanchez says there’s another option, instead of axing the plan all together.

“One of the big changes I wanted to see made is the fact that I think it’s really important that we keep everybody safe in those safe outdoor spaces,” said Councilor Sanchez.

Another subject of discussion at tomorrows meeting, District 9 City Councilor Renee Grout’s proposal to re-allocate money set aside for Planned Parenthood to youth shelter services and the Barret House Shelter.

“$250,000 is a lot of taxpayer money to go to a billion dollar business. One that a lot of citizens oppose as a matter of conscience and we have a responsibility to spend our taxpayer money wisely,” said Councilor Grout.

Councilor Grout’s legislation was first introduced in June and it will have its final action at tomorrows meeting. Although Councilor Bassan is fighting for a halt on safe outdoor spaces, the city has already approved one designated area on Menaul near Interstate 25.