ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  The back and forth of the plastic bag ban is back. Just last week Mayor Tim Keller vetoed the city council’s repeal of the ordinance, but now councilors are expected to meet again on Monday to decide whether or not to override his decision.

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Councilors voted on the repeal of the ban passing on a 6-3 vote, now if councilors vote the same this upcoming Monday it’s enough to override the Mayor’s veto. “I am confident that the city councilors will vote again to allow plastic bags in the city of Albuquerque I think most people realize it’s the right thing to do,” said City Councilor Trudy Jones.

After taking effect two years ago at the start of 2020, the plastic bag ban ceased immediately due to the pandemic. However, last summer the ban was reimplemented. City councilors last month voted to overturn it, but those who are for it don’t think the Mayor’s veto will stick. “I think most likely the mayor’s vote probably gets overridden by the folks who wanted to repeal the bag ban in the first place,” said City Councilor Pat Davis.

Others are optimistic that at least one member will change their decision and vote to kill the override of the veto.”I would hope that some councilors would look deep within and maybe change their vote. We haven’t given the culture a chance to adjust to the bag bags and now we are going to repeal it so it’s a shame,” said  City Councilor Issac Benton.

Councilor Pat Davis who wrote the original bill says even if this ordinance dies, another could come back.”There’s always a chance that one of those votes flips the votes to repeal it included democrats and republicans some of them expressed that they’d be willing to work on a new bill so there is a chance that that happens,” Davis said.

Councilor Jones who is opposing the ban says her vote still stands. “If people don’t want to use plastic bags they certainly have the right to not use plastic bags” added Jones. The council is expected to vote whether or not to override the mayor’s decision this Monday. Councilor Pat Davis says he will start working immediately to hammer out a new bill.