ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A pair of road projects in Albuquerque could bring some much needed safety improvements to one area, and some cosmetic fixes to another. City Councilor Diane Gibson says sprucing up the landscaping here would draw in more business to the different shops and restaurants in the area.

“If I’m looking for someone to see my business from the street, then I want them to use this particular street,” said Rob Gonzales, the owner of Duke City Games. Gonzales agrees with Gibson, he says improvements to San Pedro, would bring in more customers. “Right now you’re really not using San Pedro unless you have a very specific place you’re trying to go,” said Gonzales.

Gibson says they began making big improvements to San Pedro between Lomas and Haines about seven years ago. Those improvements included better lighting, narrowing the street from a four lane to two lanes, and putting in bike lanes. Now Gibson says it’s time to make similar improvements south to Central, while sprucing up the streetscape from Central all the way to Haines.

City councilors also want to make major safety improvements to a busy west side area, from Universe between Irving and Ventana Hills. Neighbors have been concerned about this stretch of road for quite some time. Back in April, KRQE News 13 interviewed two people living nearby who say people driving that stretch of road rarely follow the speed limit. “The road is 35 miles per hour here and nobody goes the speed limit, everybody is always racing, speeding, they don’t mind the other drivers,” the neighbors said.

A safety study will be conducted in the next year, to help the city identify recommendations for improving traffic on that stretch of Universe. Once the recommendations are made, the city will have to identify funding sources. It’s unclear when the improvements for either area will begin.