ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you’re out looking at Christmas lights, there’s one home you’ll want to drive by. A display attracts visitors from all over the state and neighbors come together to make it happen.

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“It started in California. I never did this before. I did the average. When I went out on the street and I looked at the house, I said, what can I do to be different to give to the people?” said Davis Plourde.

Almost 20 years later, a lot has changed. Neighbors know him as Mr. Dave, a legend, and his home more elaborate than ever lights up his Venta Ranch Neighborhood all December long. “I have had people from East Mountains, Socorro, Las Cruces, Denver, and Santa Fe,” said Plourde.

The thousands of twinkling lights, snowflakes, candy canes and snowmen spread Christmas cheer. “One evening, I was shutting the lights down. It was about 10:30 p.m. and I could hear this ‘oh no,’ so I stopped what I was doing. I went to the family, it was a family of about six. They said we came all the way from north Santa Fe and so I turned the lights back on,” Plourde said.

This year, neighbors helped Mr. Dave with the grand set up and their classic cars add more fun to his display. “Everybody loves it on the road. Everybody stops us to take a picture with it. I’ve done a wedding with it. It’s pretty awesome,” said Phillip Trujillo who owns the Christmas car.

Neighbors are ready to continue the beloved tradition at their own homes when Mr. Dave slows down. “That’s why most of us moved to this neighborhood, because of these lights. It’s festive, It’s fun. It’s a place that you’re happy to raise your kids in,” said neighbors in the area.

Mr. Dave now in his 80s says he will retire soon with memories of the most wonderful time of the year. “That is my reward. I feel honored by the people coming here,” Plourde said. His neighbors spend three Saturdays putting up the lights and sell candy canes to those who come by to help raise money for his light bill.