ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The National Senior Games are taking over Albuquerque and Albuquerque Animal Welfare is taking the opportunity to highlight its senior animals. As the city recognizes the amazing older athletes making strides in the Senior Games, Animal Welfare is taking to social media to highlight their special seniors, honoring many of them with sports-themed professional photos to get the word out they need homes.

“The Senior Games are here in Albuquerque and there’s a lot of senior athletes competing in some amazing events throughout the city and we just wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of our senior pets,” said Danny Nevarez, director of Animal Welfare. “Senior pets, in my opinion are the absolute best.”

Animal Welfare says animals seven and older at the shelter are considered ‘seniors.’ While the circumstances around why they are brought in may vary, the social media campaign serves as a reminder that these animals still have a lot of heart and athleticism still in them.

“A lot of them are already house trained, they’re well-mannered, and a lot of times, the senior pets will come to us from various circumstances. Sometimes it’s because their owner passes away or just other circumstances that doesn’t allow them to be kept,” said Nevarez. “They have a lot of really good years in them. Many of them are still athletes themselves and so they’re ready to go.”

In an effort to get these animals into forever homes, Animal Welfare is offering discounted adoptions on all senior pets for the next few weeks.

“For the next couple of weeks we’re going to offer $5 adoptions on our senior pets and we just want to let the community know, tell people to check our social media sites at to get a look at some of the senior pets available to the community,” said Nevarez. “A lot of people want puppies, but as I said, senior pets, many of them are house-trained, they’re well-mannered and they’re looking for a life partner and looking for a way to enjoy the ‘back nine’ of their life, so to speak.”

Those interested in adopting can reach out to Albuquerque Animal Welfare online or call 505-768-1975. You can also see the series of senior pet photos on their Facebook page.