ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A northwest Albuquerque neighborhood is on edge after waking up to gunfire Saturday morning, leaving four people injured- one person hit with a bullet, and three others struck by a car.

One man’s camper was left with several holes, after a bullet went through one side, and out the other during the shooting on Alegria near Irving and Unser. “Constant shooting, just non-stop,” said Freddy Lopez, a resident in the neighborhood. “I mean it’d stop for two, three seconds and then they’d go at it again.”

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Laying in his bed that Saturday morning, Lopez says he could hear gunshot after gunshot outside of his camper, as vehicles sped up and down the road. One stray bullet struck his camper, going through one wall, puncturing several cleaning bottles, his toilet, shower, and eventually exiting the other side of the camper. “I was hiding down here and that’s why I saw the bullet go in front of me about two to three feet in front of me, so I stood up and hoped for the best,” Lopez explained, standing inside of his camper.

He says it was only a few minutes in-between the time he heard the first gunshot ring out, and law enforcement arriving at the scene. As the shooting continued, Lopez and other neighbors were in contact with one another, asking if everyone was okay. He added that Paradise Hills is typically a quiet community, and that the shooting was the first he has experienced in the neighborhood.

In a Ring doorbell video showed to News 13 by a neighbor, you can see about 20 vehicles speeding down the street, as rapid gunshots fill the air. News 13 discovered a bullet casing around the area where the shooting took place.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BSCO) say four people were injured at the scene when they arrived. Three people were hit by a car, and a fourth struck by gunfire. Law enforcement say all of the victims drove themselves or had others drive them to the hospital. The victims’ conditions are unknown at this time, and BCSO say no arrests have been made.