ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some phlebotomy students held a blood draw event to help get them ready for graduation. “A to Z Phlebotomy” is getting ready for their current class to graduate, but each student needs to do 100 blood draws to be eligible.

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So, they offered a free slice of pizza, cookies, chips, and a glass of water to anyone willing to help them out. They even offered to test the blood for free. “If you want us to centrifuge it and show you if there’s fat in your system, we can do that for you,” said Marion Maxwell from A to Z Phlebotomy. “They can also take your blood pressure if you want. It’s all free, yo ujsut have to come in and sign a form and we’ll take it from there.”

Pizza and cookies weren’t the only treats available, everyone who got their blood drawn was entered into a drawing for some free gift cards.