ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some Albuquerque residents found themselves having to rescue some wildlife this weekend at Tingley Beach. A family found a goose with its leg tangled in fishing line, but this kind of thing happens often out there.

That is why the BioPark, which oversees the park, has installed some places to dispose of fishing lines. People who use the area are frustrated that this keeps happening. “Pick up after yourself. It would help the environment and help the animals you know not sure if one gets strangled for eating it,” said one resident.

“We do our best to help the birds. We remove the fishing line if we can. Unfortunately, there is a portion that got so bad before we got to them that they do have to be euthanized I’m afraid,” said Greg Jackson with the BioPark.

The geese and ducks are considered wild. The BioPark also reminds people, that bread is bad for waterfowl. What is better are things like sliced grapes or birdseed.