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Big publications across nation rave about visiting New Mexico during winter

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The holiday season in New Mexico is like no other and now it’s getting national attention. Big publications across the U.S. are encouraging people to visit the Land of Enchantment during the winter.

“It’s a city with a lot of rich history and a lot of people don’t realize that especially people who aren’t from the southwest,” said Albuquerque locals Dominick and Joe Levy.

New Mexicans know what makes our state special. From the food to the gorgeous scenery and of course, the architecture.

“If you come down here, you can actually feel the history of Old Town or visit any museums,” said the Levys.

There’s no short list of what makes New Mexico unique and now it seems people across the US are hearing about it, too.

“There has been fabulous press about the city,” said Visit Albuquerque President Tania Armenta. “All this positive news coverage coming from The Washington Post, The New York Times and many many, more. So millions of people seeing great news and great things about Albuquerque.”

Recently, big-time publications have been writing rave reviews about visiting the Land of Enchantment, especially during the holiday season. The Matador Network writes our state is the best place for a winter road trip. The Washington Post couldn’t stop praising Albuquerque for its rich culture and alongside Reykjavik, Iceland and Quebec City, Canada, Thrillist named Albuquerque as one of the best places to travel to in December because of it’s stunning Christmas views.

Out-of-towners News 13 spoke with agree. “I think that’s the coolest part is the diversity and go into welcoming people throughout the stores,” said Ohio natives Jason Jenkins and Kelsea Evie.

“I think it is cool because they have lots of western things, which is different from where I’m from,” said Michigan local Audrie Gilin.

“I think it is really cool that Albuquerque has hit this radar and people are tuning in and they want to know more,” said Armenta.

You can expect thousands at Old Town on Christmas Eve who will also check out luminarias in the country club area. Tickets for the city’s bus tour sold out quickly.

The New York Times recently focused on what to do in Albuquerque for three days. It showcased local restaurants and sights to see, like the petroglyphs.