ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Alameda Open Space Trailhead is one of the most visited open spaces near the Bosque, and the city has big plans to pair with its rising popularity. The Alameda Trailhead will be getting a whole new look that will help cyclists, runners, and families out enjoying the area.

The plans would give the trailhead a new look with two entry plazas, shaded picnic tables, and a new overlook platform. However, these plans would come with the removal of 20 trees.

Director of Parks and Recreation Dave Simon said the Alameda Open Space has seen a drastic increase in visitors since the pandemic. A big part of the plan will include addressing the problems with traffic in the area.

“There can be some congestion. One of the features of the project is to create some separation for pedestrians and cyclists as they come in this very busy intersection,” said Simon.

We showed the plans to some cyclists and runners but got mixed reactions.

“As a runner and bike rider, it’s too crowded. I have had friends get run over by bikes. There’s just not enough room, so I think it could be a good thing,” said Deana Fowler.

“I think that might probably crowd things because people are here to ride not really understanding why they would want to do a picnic in this particular area or even if there’s a need,” said Laurene Gonzales.

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The plans also include parking structures with solar panels in the parking lot. The city is still working on how much this project will cost, and they hope to start working on the project by next year. The Environmental Planning Commission will be hearing more about the proposed changes in their next meeting Thursday via Zoom.