ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Two years since the hit tv show ‘Live PD’ went off the air, a revamp of the show is on its way and one New Mexico law enforcement agency will be on the show’s debut Friday night.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office will be making its debut on REELZ’s ‘On Patrol’, a ‘Live PD’ revamp. Now, this show is not like what we have seen in the past. The goal is more transparency.

Some of what viewers might see in the new show ‘On Patrol’ are the chases and arrests that many have come to associate with live police programming. “There’s going to be two separate segments on Friday and Saturday night, that actually follows along with our deputies and filming live,” said Jayme Fuller, a spokesperson with BCSO.

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The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the new show alongside departments in Nevada, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, and New Jersey.

The sheriffs say they want to show law enforcement in a new way and believe ‘On Patrol’ can do that. “We’re not just focusing on the most exciting parts and, you know, glamorous parts of law enforcement, it’s everything in between.”

This isn’t the first time a law enforcement show has featured the Duke City. The show ‘Cops’ had a run here with the Albuquerque Police Department and BCSO, but it also brought bad publicity to the city and the department.

BCSO says this time around things will be different, instead of police chases and shootings, the focus will be on the daily life of a deputy.

“I think whereas ‘Cops’ and some of these other shows, they’re really specified to one portion of the agency and I think that the show is going to do a really good job of highlighting everybody.”

Of course, we still will see the high-intensity fights, chases, and arrests many have come to love with shows like this. The sheriff’s office says this new show aims to show even the community involvement many of these deputies do, not just patrol.

 “Our deputies are human, they have families, their sons, their daughters, their mothers, their brothers, or sisters. These are just these are selfless people who are serving their community.”

‘On Patrol’ airs Friday night at 7p.m. on REELZ.