BERNALILLO COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Following Albuquerque’s newly passed ordinance that cracks down on catalytic converter theft, Bernalillo County is looking to spread the rules county-wide. Catalytic converters have become a target for thieves, since they contain valuable metals, and can be removed from cars quickly.

The county’s proposed ordinance, which is modeled after the city’s, would require scrap metal dealers to collect an ID and proof of vehicle ownership. It would also have scrap metal dealers keep records of who is selling them catalytic converters. Dealers would also be required by law to hand over those records, if police ask for them.

Bernalillo County Commissioner Eric Olivas, says, “this is a real crime that’s happening every day in our community, multiple times a day, to working families, to everyone, it really is not discriminatory.” Bernalillo County commissioners are set to vote on the proposal in April.