ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – What was supposed to be an evening of little league baseball in Albuquerque turned into chaos when bullets started hitting the field. People were shouting to get down and take cover when bullets started hitting the baseball field. One parent says he jumped on top of his ten-year-old daughter to protect her as people ran toward the dugouts. 

Micah Solomon was at the Jennifer Riordan sports complex Saturday for a baseball tournament when gunshots rang out from the mesa. “I was scared. I was scared for my teammates. It was just crazy,” Solomon said. “They usually sound like they’re coming from a long way away. So it’s like… it doesn’t scare me usually, but that one they were coming out of the field.”

As bullets flew by too close for comfort, families and players took cover — some people even crawling on the floor. Isaiah Evans is one of the baseball coaches and says his instincts kicked in as he raced to find his little brother. “It’s kind of like a fight or flight situation, like, just like, run and try to find like your close ones, because I feel like anybody in that position would do that.”

Albuquerque police officers responded to the shots fired near the sports complex. It appears two juveniles were shooting on the mesa. They were briefly detained, but denied shooting guns in the area. During a safety sweep of the vehicle, officers saw two handguns in the glove box. but according to the district attorney’s office no arrests were made because the stop was not lawful. 

“There were some deficiencies in the investigation and the way that it preceded that gave rise to some real concerns about the constitutional viability of the case moving forward,” said Deputy District Attorney Hubert Gray.

APD officials say they reviewed the incident, and agree with the DA’s office – that the officers did not have probable cause to make any arrests at that point in the investigation. “We’ve reached out to the administration of Albuquerque Police Department, Chief Harold Medina, actually agrees with our assessment, which may lead to additional training that will help to mitigate those kinds of problems,” said Gray. 

Parents say this situation was traumatizing for everyone involved but  especially for the young teens who were there to play baseball.” You never think it’s going to happen to you. And we came way too close this weekend and I’m not okay with it,” said Laura Solomon. 

According to law enforcement – officers were told to release the teens to the custody of their parents. APD officers say they did discover damage from the firearms at the baseball complex. The investigation is ongoing.