ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As we finally hit a good stretch of rain and a cool down, city biologists said they’re worried more mosquitoes are on the way. They’re also finding them in new areas of the metro.

They’ve been a pesky problem all summer long.

“[They’re] on me the minute I walk out the door,” said Nick Pederson, Albuquerque’s Urban Biology Division manager.

With rain in the forecast, even this late in the warm season, the city is concerned even more mosquitoes could be on the way.

“Right in the beginning of August there, we saw that big storm that came through and dumped a lot of rain and did some damage through town, and the mosquitoes responded to that,” said Pederson.

While mosquitoes have typically spawned around the Rio Grande, they are starting to spread their wings in areas they haven’t normally been.

“These mosquitoes like to live around people they live in the neighborhoods. They don’t rely on the river or really natural water sources,” said Pederson.

Their normal spots alongside people include things like buckets, trash, and anywhere that collects water. The city said they’re now seeing the Northeast Heights being attacked by the pesky bugs.

“We’ve seen them grow into such a nuisance in areas that historically you know, 10, 20, 30 years, people that never saw mosquitoes are now seeing mosquitoes,” said Pederson.

Pederson said any sitting water needs to be dumped especially as a more aggressive species is starting to take over, commonly called the yellow fever mosquito.

“Just about everyone in Albuquerque is used to seeing them in their yard by now. Really good at biting you on the ankles or behind the arms, very aggressive biters active during the daytime,” said Pederson.

We may have some extra time to deal with them.

“Rain in the late summer, and we see the numbers just really spike,” said Pederson.

To help cut down on the bugs, Pederson said people should patrol their own properties for standing water as we get some moisture.