ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s the first day of school for Albuquerque Public School students and parents are already experiencing chaos during pickup at Chaparral Elementary School.

During pickup time the road becomes congested with cars as parents wait to pick up their kids. Some complain their biggest problem is the blind curve on 64th and Milne which many say is an accident waiting to happen. “If you go in that corner you look down by the school entrance there’s a blind spot and you can’t see. We see cars whipping that corner and they see us and they hit the brakes really fast but any given time, if somebody is texting and driving that, can be very dangerous,” said Pedro Jimenez, parent.

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Parents waiting to pick up their kids park their cars lining both sides of the street with many parents ignoring marked no parking signs. Drivers looking to pass through the backed-up congestion are restricted and have to carefully navigate their way through. With the blind curve on 4th street reducing visibility even more, kids, parents, and other drivers are left at risk of getting hit by an oncoming vehicle. “I just wish that parents would pay attention. You have to get in the middle so they can spot you because if you are behind here they won’t see you, you have to get out at least to the second stripe,” said crossing guard Geraldine Lovato.

Two years ago a nearby resident who lives near the elementary school installed a stop sign of their own hoping to reduce potential accidents. However, the city quickly took the sign down saying the area needed a very specific reason based on engineering expertise and traffic studies. A city spokesperson says they will be reaching out to the school so they can remind parents about the rules and safety concerns. If the problem continues they will go out to enforce the parking rules. The city says residents can call 3-1-1 to request a traffic study.