ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Officials from Albuquerque Public Schools are apologizing for selling out of their famous gold bars so fast. The popular peanut butter/chocolate treats started going on sale Tuesday morning and within 45 minutes, they were completely sold out.

Due to the time and effort that goes into making gold bars, there will not be another sale anytime soon. “We are sorry for the disappointment and we hope that everybody will really look forward to this opportunity next year, and next year, knowing how in demand these gold bars are, that we could have more to offer out to the public,” says Shannon Barnhill, executive director of APS Education Foundation.

One thing officials are considering for next year is doing pre-sales on gold bars so they can have a better idea of how many to make. All of the money from the gold bars goes towards APS programs like STEM labs, music programs, and community gardens.