ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Police is giving us a look inside what led up to an officer-involved shooting at a Central Motel last month. Police were dispatched to the Imperial Inn after an employee called to report gunshots from one of the rooms.

The day shift manager called to report a bullet hole found in the window of room 128, where Jason Edward Galliart was staying. Police say people staying in nearby rooms heard the gun go off multiple times that morning, one man even claiming to have been assaulted by Galliart.

Officers spent hours trying to get Galliart to come out of the room. Galliart’s girlfriends, who showed up that morning told APD Galliart was threatening to kill himself.

After about seven hours of negotiating, APD says Galliart crawled out of the window holding his gun. Worried he would fire it, three of the officers on the scene shot at Galliart. A fourth shot was heard, and an autopsy report later revealed Galliart died after shooting himself in the head.

Galliart’s family told police that he had been doing a lot of meth and was very paranoid. The family also told police Galliart had told them, if the police ever came for him he would make them shoot him.

Galliart has a long criminal history in Texas and Kansas, since 1996 Galliart has been charged with burglary, forgery, aggravated battery, and more.

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