ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque police released a video of a deadly shooting right in the middle of the El Mezquite Market on 98th Street. The shootout between the suspect and police happens just feet away from shoppers.

Police were called to AutoZone on 98th on June 24. They claimed 41-year-old Mark Peter was passed out in his car and found by AutoZone employee. Police arrived around 3:30 p.m. and tried to get him out of the car. Police ran the plate of the vehicle and discovered Peter had several felony warrants out for his arrest.

“In total, P.A.’s were given for over 14 minutes before the car drove away from officers,” said Commander Kyle Hartsock in a press conference on Wednesday.

Authorities stated, eventually, Peter woke up and took off, so police popped his tires. He ends up across the street near Churches Chicken. Peter is seen trying to take off again before heading right into El Mezquite Market. It created chaos at the checkout lines, where at least seven people are in danger of being hit by gunfire.

Officers try to tase him, but Peter allegedly opens fire while shoppers and workers run for their lives and take cover. Officers returned fire, and Peter is killed with two store clerks just feet away.

Peter reportedly fired 13 shots at officers, and they returned 45 shots. A miracle: No one else was injured in the shootout.

Police stated Peter had multiple felony warrants, including one for drug trafficking after he was found by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies in April, passed out in his car. Investigators got a search warrant for the car and found a gun and drugs inside.

APD officers have fired at suspects seven times this year. Last year, they were involved in 18 shooting cases.