ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We’re learning more about what led up to a deadly Albuquerque Police shooting, where officers opened fire on a man on the run, who had just murdered his wife. Albuquerque Police say it started early that morning when Matthew Montoya shot and killed his wife Eva in the parking lot of Queen of Peace Chapel on San Pedro near Constitution.

In recently released 911 calls, you can hear a man reporting the shooting. Dispatchers ask the witness where Eva had been shot, he explains that Montoya had shot her multiple times all over the place, begging the dispatcher to send help and explaining the woman might already be dead.

Police say immediately after shooting and killing his 50-year-old wife back on October 12, Montoya drove to the East Mountains where he tried picking up his daughter from school. The staff didn’t allow him to check her out, because of an ongoing custody battle.

Using GPS, police later tracked Montoya to a home near Hoover Middle School where detectives shot and killed him. APD is only releasing the audio from the body cameras because some of the officers on the scene were ‘Plain Clothes Detectives’ and the department says it wants to protect their identities.

Matthew Montoya was shot in the head, photos from the scene showed he was holding a gun. Police now say Eva had a restraining order against Montoya and that he had threatened to kill his wife and daughter before.

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