APD officer under scrutiny for his behavior at crash scene

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - An Albuquerque father said an officer was out of line and unprofessional at a crash scene involving his son, and KRQE News 13 learned this officer is no rookie, he's an 11 year veteran.

Last October around 4 a.m., Albuquerque police were chasing after a car thief. The suspect led officers east on I-40 where he got off on the Carlisle frontage road and ran the red light.

Two officers were following right behind with their lights and sirens blaring. A 21-year-old man, traveling south on Carlisle, witnessed it all and told police he stayed parked even though he had the green light.

"Mine had just turned green. As soon as I started to let off my clutch, I saw that guy hauling a**," he said.

The next thing he knew he collided with a police car. The college kid told the officer he was on his way to work at Whole Foods. Shortly after the crash, the 21-year-old's father showed up and got into an argument with another officer, Officer Collin Schneider.

According to a complaint filed with the Civilian Police Oversight Board (CPOA), the father claims Officer Schneider yelled at him saying his son was at fault for the crash.

The father goes onto say Officer Schneider called him " another piece of work." He said the officer also bragged that he made "$37 an hour" and that the father was paying for it.

The CPOA investigated the complaint and sided with the men, saying Officer Schneider violated the rules of on-duty conduct. They recommended an eight hour suspension.

APD said Officer Schneider did not turn on his lapel camera when he got to the crash scene, so there was no video of the interaction. APD agreed with the CPOA's findings in the case.

KRQE News 13 also learned this isn't Officer Schneider's first policy violation, but APD would not say what the first one involved. 


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