ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a disturbing view out the school bus window. An Albuquerque Public Schools bus driver painted a picture of a horrible time waiting in traffic last month.

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She said she was in her school bus, next to a driver who had his pants down and was touching himself while looking right at her. “I think it has to be dealt with in some way. No, there weren’t kids on the bus but he didn’t know that. And he basically sexually harassed the bus driver,” the bus driver explained.

The school bus driver, who wants to remain anonymous sent KRQE News 13 the video she took on August 20 at the light at Central and Unser. We’ve blurred the man and his license plate because he has not been charged with a crime.

The bus driver says she was getting ready to turn left onto Unser from eastbound Central when a silver Ford Fusion pulled up next to her and she could sense the driver was looking at her. She claims she saw him touching himself with his pants well below his waist.

She called 242-COPS, then police, to have an officer go to her home to get her side of the story. She said she’s concerned this man could re-offend.

“I called records a few weeks later to obtain a copy of the police report, went downtown, picked it up, and at the bottom it was check marked ‘case closed,'” the bus driver explained.

To help with the case, she says she gave Albuquerque Police the man’s license plate number and a photo and video she took of the incident.

APD states this type of case would require them to mail their suspect a summons for this misdemeanor. APD said that hasn’t been sent yet because the Child Exploitation Division is investigating. That unit is looking into the case because they say they initially thought students were on the bus.

Once the man is summonsed to court, police say the bus driver would have to testify against him.