ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Another arrest is made following a dangerous street-racing gathering in Albuquerque over the weekend. New video shows the blatant disregard people had for other drivers and deputies.

Around midnight on Saturday, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled up to University and Indian School to find cars blocking the intersection and a red Ford Mustang doing donuts.

“It does present quite a few hazards and it’s frankly not quite legal to block off an intersection of the road for your own entertainment,” said BCSO Undersheriff Larry Koren.

He was flying the helicopter that ended up following that Mustang driver from above as it sped away from law enforcement. He said the helicopter was patrolling, as part of increased operations due to more complaints about street racers in the Northern part of the city.

“The subject was driving in oncoming lanes of traffic, driving on the shoulder, cutting people off…disregarding a lot of traffic regulations,” said Koren.

Deputies eventually caught up and arrested the alleged driver, 19-year-old Nicholas Mahmoundi and his passenger 19-year-old Odalys Pena at a building near UNM. On Wednesday, BCSO announced another arrest from that night.

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Deputies say 18-year-old Jose Mandujano tried to keep deputies from breaking it all up by sitting on the hood of a deputy’s car. BCSO released the dash camera video of the incident, saying in a Facebook post, it’s an example of how ‘brazen’ some bad behavior has become.

“You’re helping somebody elude the police by sitting on the hood of a deputy’s car and that’s illegal. And you will end up having to answer to that,” said Koren. BCSO said it’s seeing an increase in calls about speeding, racing, and reckless driving. Koren said they’ll continue to do operations to stop it.

“Hopefully these other drivers or participants in this activity realize that it’s not all fun and games, that there is a danger involved in this and they might want to go ahead and sit it out,” said Koren. Mandujano is facing a number of charges including disorderly conduct and public nuisance.