Animal Welfare’s longest resident gets forever home with the woman who originally found him

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Animal Welfare’s longest resident is finally settling into his new forever home. His new owner says it is a match meant to be.

A few weeks ago, KRQE introduced you to Trevor, who spent half of his life at the Eastside Shelter. Now, he’s finally in a home, living as ‘Leo’ now, and the circumstances around his adoption are almost hard to believe.

Leo loves to play and he’s getting plenty of play in his new home. While he’s only been here for a couple of weeks, this home and his new mom are quite familiar.

“He was just there, he was just trampling around in the bushes, looking at everything going on, sniffing,” said Nicce Brown, Trevor/Leo’s new owner. “Then he saw me and he made eye contact with me and I just said, ‘Hi, baby!’ and next thing I know, he came full force toward me. He was like, ‘Mom!'”

In November, Brown saw him exploring her neighborhood near Kirtland Air Force Base. She brought him home for a few days while she searched for his owners, with no luck.

“I took him in for a few days while I tried to find his owners but I didn’t have very much luck,” said Brown. “I was in the hopes that if I turned him over to a shelter, his owners would find him, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”

Then-named Trevor, this pup ended up spending half of his life in the Eastside Shelter—nearly seven months—eventually becoming Animal Welfare’s longest resident. The shelter put out a plea to find him a forever home.

“I was just scrolling through Facebook on my phone and I saw that a friend of mine had shared a post asking if we could please try and find a permanent home for this dog,” said Brown. “I looked at the picture and just immediately saw something familiar. Like, wait a minute, that dog looks familiar. The pieces of the puzzle started coming together, and so the next thing I had done was go through my phone of all the pictures I had taken of him.”

Putting two-and-two together, she realized this was the same dog she found late last year and she needed to bring him home. In his own way, the dog knew it too.

“He’s been in that shelter for seven months. I’m going to go get him. He was meant to be mine,” said Brown. “He literally knocked me down when I came to get him. When I signed all the paperwork and paid the fees, he jumped up on me and he was giving me his version of a hug.”

With his new home, comes a new name: Leo. Brown says it’s fitting for his personality.

“His name was Trevor. I changed his name to Leo. He’s gone from having a home previously, to being in a home for a few days, to being in a shelter for seven months, back to being in a home. He’s a tough guy, he’s strong-willed and he kind of reminded me of a lion, just very strong. So that’s why I named him Leo,” said Brown. “He responded to it probably in a couple of minutes. I’m just going to try this out and I said ‘Leo,’ and he turned his head and I said, ‘alright, Leo it is.'”

That strong will is leading him to a lifetime now out of the shelters and in a new home, with many tug-of-war wins to come. Brown says Leo is already learning basic commands and starts obedience classes soon.

Though Leo found his forever family, so many other animals are at the shelters, still waiting for theirs. Albuquerque Animal Welfare has information online on how you can adopt or foster an animal in need.

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