ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A puppy is safe and sound after wandering on the West Mesa. A group spent months trying to catch the 10-month-old pup with no luck, and then finally, a breakthrough. Dash may look like a typical pet dog now, but a few weeks ago, he was anything but.

“He’s been all over Facebook,” said Jennifer Wilson, who helped rescue the dog. “He has just been hanging out on the West Mesa, eating bunnies and birds.”

The Poodle-Schnauzer mix spent months exploring the westside. Local rescuers spotted Facebook posts as early as April but could never seem to catch him.

“There were a lot of posts going around,” said Allie Sikorski, who also helped rescue the dog. “In rescues, we kind of tag each other when there’s help that’s needed.”

The speedster pup evaded most rescue attempts. However, a few weeks ago, it was a success.

“We set up four traps,” said Wilson. “We ended up catching him within 24 hours.”

Vets say the appropriately-named “Dash” is about 10 months old. Based on the condition he came in, he’s likely spent his entire life on the streets.

“He was fully matted to the skin,” said Sikorski. “I took him to the groomers and spent about five hours with him.”

Groomers took off around four-and-a-half pounds of matted fur. Rescuers with Pawsitive Life Rescue here in New Mexico say he’s got a lot of learning to do, but this scrappy little dog is getting better every day.

“He’s starting to play,” said Sikorski, who says they’re also working on potty-training with him, as well. “Letting people kind of snuggle with him, stuff like that.”

The rescue hopes his future family will be patient as he adapts to indoor life. They say it will take time and patience since he hasn’t always been around humans, but have already noticed him taking well to other dogs.

“We’re going to find him the best home,” said Wilson. “He’s going to take a little time for recovery but he’s a sweet dog.”

Dash did have some sores and ticks from being out on his own, and it’s a mystery how he found enough water to survive, but he’s being treated and is on the mend. He will be available for adoption through Pawsitive Life Rescue in the coming weeks.