ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Residents in one Albuquerque neighborhood are calling for help as retail stores in their area continue to close. The Allsup’s Convenience Store near Zuni and Indiana in the International District closed, leaving more people without a nearby resource for basic necessities. 

“That’s just, kind of to me, kind of a canary in the coal mine,” commented Enrique Cardiel, a community member. 

Community leaders said time is running out before more stores close in one of Albuquerque’s most densely populated areas. The Allsup’s located near Zuni and Indiana is the latest retailer to close in the International District. Now, nearby residents are without a walkable option to buy supplies. 

“There’s a lot of things that have been closing down, so it’s concerning. Part of it is because people have lost access to their pharmacies, or to where they got groceries, diapers, other basic necessities,” said Enrique Cardiel, a community member. 

Nearby residents said that so many store closures have made their lives harder. 

“We need stores like this to help, you know, in the community, so when we need things, if we can’t get to like Walmart or a Target or a Smiths, this will be the closest store that we can you know be able to go to,” said Freddie Pillers, a resident in International District. 

Residents like Freddie Pillers said having the Allsup’s made it easier for him to pick up the last basic necessities without having to worry about transportation. Since it’s closed, he now has to travel further for those basic needs. 

The Allsup’s closure comes after the Walmart on San Mateo and Central closed back in March and the announcement of the Walgreens on San Mateo closing in November.

KRQE reached out to Allsup’s for comment on why they closed but did not hear back. While it’s unclear why Allsup’s is closing this location, community leaders said these closures should be a wake-up call to find solutions. 

“Because what starts as, maybe, small problems here tend to ripple out and become city-wide problems, and the faster we can come up with community solutions, it really just saves the city in the long run,” explained Representative Janelle Anyanonu. 

Community leaders are working on a petition to send to city officials, demanding a new grocery store.