ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s an annoying problem that most everyone has experienced, a call from a number that looks familiar or could even be your own. When it happened to one New Mexico woman she decided to fight back and she found out she wasn’t the only local getting scammed.

Albuquerque resident Victoria Deaver says lately when her phone rings, “It’s from New Mexico, the area code 505 and it just happens to be the first three numbers from our phone numbers and then just random numbers after that,” said Deaver.

When she answers, “It says hello this is social security there’s a problem with your account. To get more information please press 1 and we don’t,” said Deaver. Deaver says the robocalls are happening more frequently. “I was very frustrated because we got two calls within ten minutes,” Deaver said.

So finally she decided to do something about it. “So I thought ok, it’s a local call I’m going to call back,” Deaver says. And when she did, “I told the guy what happened, he was shocked. So then I called the second number and it was a lady and I told her the same story what had happened and she said I’ve been getting those calls too,” Deaver says.

Deaver says, she and the two people she called back and all use Verizon, so she reached out to the phone company for answers. “I think that they need to get to the bottom of it. They need to make sure that people’s phone numbers are not being compromised,” Deaver says

Deaver says Verizon never got back to her. Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules that require phone companies to implement a stronger caller ID authentication to crack down on the caller ID spoofing. The FCC has also taken legal action against companies for illegally-spoofing robocalls. “We’re not done we’re going to continue to crack down on illegal robocalls,” says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

Deaver says it’s still an unsettling reality that keeps her concerned for her own security. “If they are using all these other people’s phone numbers we’re probably in the queue as well,” Deaver says.

Deaver says for now she just blocks numbers that aren’t in her contacts. Verizon sent us a quote saying, “As fraudsters gather more private information from the dark web and create more authentic looking fake identification, our teams at Verizon are always working to stop these criminals.”

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