ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman is hanging up her running shoes after completing her last marathon Saturday morning. In celebration of her 60th birthday, she ran more than 26 miles.

Ann Hager is proof that age is just a number. A few weeks ago, she was preparing to run her tenth and final marathon in celebration of her birthday. Hager has been running most of her life, using it to ease her anxiety. “I grew up being afraid of everything, and fear was my biggest anxiety, and as my faith just got stronger over the years, I’d run and pray and ask God to put in my heart calmness,” Hager said.

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Stride for stride, mile after mile, she left everything on that course, running this race with intention. Partnering with Breaking the Silence New Mexico, which does outreach in schools and fights the stigma of this widespread mental health issue.

“But I’ll seriously say no, I battle with anxiety, and I want to share that with people because it is a serious issue, and if you can embrace it and talk about it, it just makes it all that much better,” Hager said.

As she crosses the finish line, she’s hopeful that her 26.2-mile test of endurance will symbolize hope for those struggling with anxiety. She completed the race in about five hours. That’s a pretty good time, especially considering the heat.