ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some Albuquerque brothers are making their mark in the world of scootering. Thirteen-year-old Liam and Kayden started practicing at Paradise Skate Park about two years ago during the pandemic. This summer, the twins competed in a Junior Hot Wheels Competition and took first and second place.

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“That all shut down when we had the restrictions in 2020, so we just started heading to the skatepark every single day and the directing their focus as a team and as a family towards scootering and just skyrocketed in progression and found a new love — it’s been a lot of fun,” said the boys’ mother, Lisa Keffer.

The team includes their older brother, 15-year-old Finley. “They have progressed faster than anyone I have ever seen. From the beginning — learning slowly but then suddenly shot up from that,” Finley said.

Scootering isn’t known in New Mexico right now but the family hopes to change that. “We are not really known for action sports as much as some of the other states in the west. So there is a lot of opportunity to help other kids where we live,” said Lisa.

In the meantime, the brothers will perfect their craft while being thankful for the opportunity to do it. “It’s really good to have a mom to drive us to the skate park every day. She supports us so much,” said the twins.

“It’s been pretty amazing seeing them grow they really challenge me in the sport and it’s really cool having younger brothers that are probably some of the best and will be some of the best in the world hopefully one day,” Finley said.

The Keffers do have some local sponsors and document their journey on their Instagram page, thekeffertwins.