ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque is seeing more damage to curbs and traffic signs.

“For whatever reason it is, incidents over the last six months have basically doubled over the last six months before that,” said Scott Cilke, Public Information Officer for the city’s Department of Municipal Development. He said that could be because more people are out and about now that the pandemic is winding down and because of driving conditions during winter storms we saw this year. The city acknowledges dangerous drivers could be causing some of this damage.

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“Reckless driving has obviously been a problem in Albuquerque. So, we’re really hoping these automated speed enforcement cameras will start to change that behavior in the city. We’re looking forward to seeing those changes in behavior and hopefully making the city a better place with less fixes needed,” said Cilke.

DMD has eight internal crews for street maintenance including two street sweeping crews, a concrete repair crew, a pothole patching crew, a paving maintenance crew, a crack sealing crew, a storm drain maintenance crew, and an arroyo maintenance crew. They also contract additional workers in the summer.

Crews do not go around patrolling for things needing repairs. DMD said they mostly hear about them through APD officers who are out in the field or through 3-1-1 complaints. There is one curb near Locust and Lead that, according to Google streetscape, has been broken for at least four years. The city said something like this may have not been addressed because it could be under DOT jurisdiction or simply because it has not been reported to them.

One challenge DMD said it is facing is supply chain issues. “When it comes to repairing street lights, street lamps, and traffic signals, and things like that, we have kind of a set amount of spare parts and things like that that we use for those things. And we’re having a hard time getting those things in,” said Cilke. “We’re running kind of dangerously low on the spare parts that we need to fix those things.”