ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s no secret that times are tough for the tourism industry but an Albuquerque tour company has found a way to adapt and it’s catching on. “The way it works is: you get in your car with four other teammates; up to five people per team and we send you on this really cool chase across the city,” said Mike Silva of Albuquerque Tourism and Sightseeing Factory.

It’s the latest offering from Albuquerque Tourism and Sightseeing Factory, which normally operates tours like the Albuquerque Trolley and the Duke City Peddler. Now, they’re offering the ‘Amazing Chase’ that is described as part pub quiz, part Cash Cab, and part scavenger hunt.

Teams are texted trivia questions, sending them to complete challenges across Albuquerque along with ways to earn bonus points. “There’s a fun little carpool karaoke, extra point options you can do; you can stop and get a treat from one of the well-known businesses in town, and take a picture of your team eating a Frontier sweet roll,” said Silva.

The chase is getting a great response and they plan to keep it even after health restrictions are lifted. Each week features a different theme with new questions and locations.

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