ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There’s no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has hit most people one way or another. A couple of kids in Albuquerque have watched their parents struggle to pay the bills. So now, they’ve come up with a way to help pitch in.

For a couple of hours each day, 16-year-old Donna Sandoval sets up a makeshift mini-mart off Tramway and Copper. “I’ve been doing this since the end of last month,” said Sandoval.

She’s been selling chips, drinks, and candy for no more than a buck, all for her mom. “Well my mom was having really difficult times with bills and I didn’t like, me [sic] and my brother didn’t like sitting there and watching them suffer so we thought ‘hey, let’s do a little something to help them out,'” said Sandoval.

So Sandoval and her 13-year-old brother grabbed what they could out of their pantry and got to work. “And we finally got enough money to get more stuff, so it’s become really good,” said Sandoval.

The teen said her mom’s work at a nail salon has been limited because of the coronavirus pandemic and they’d do anything to help her out. “I owe my mom my whole life because she didn’t have to do what she’s doing,” said Sandoval. “And she didn’t, she had the choice to not take care of us but she stepped up and took care of us and I’m so grateful for her and I want to repay her in any way that I can.”

It’s even inspired their eight-year-old neighbor to chip in too. “When they said they were doing bills I said I want to help,” said the neighbor.

Sandoval is grateful knowing this little stand has made a huge difference. “It’s so great to see how less anxious or less stressed she’s been ever since we’ve started,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval said she and her brother have no plans on giving up the stand anytime soon. They’ll continue to help their mom for the next few months.

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