ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – When the sun goes down, those who dare to enter, come by the house near Piedra Negra Street and Gutierrez Road. 18-year-old Elias Aragon is the mastermind behind the masterpiece.

“I got inspired by my uncle because he actually used to do the same thing at his house, but it was on the west side,” he said. “I had so much fun at his house when I was a kid, and I wanted to have, to make kids have the same fun in this neighborhood.”

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Now a couple years into creating the display, both buying and building his own decorations, he said this year’s is bigger and better. Putting on the scary scene isn’t for the weary.

“I think the last day of September is when we start putting everything out,” Aragon said. “The hardest part is probably having to take the animatronics in every night because we don’t want to risk them getting stolen.”

But for Aragon, every skeleton and spook is worth it. Especially, with one young neighbor making Aragon a replica of the werewolf animatronic.

“His favorite animatronic is the wolf, so he made me this with his 3D printer and I thought it was so cool and that’s the reason I like to do it,” he said. “Things like this really prove to me that’s worth doing.”

He doesn’t plan on spotting the spooks any time soon, but as for what we could see next year, you’ll just have to stop by for the scare, if you dare .

“I’m not sure because I really feel like I’ve got a bit of everything,” Aragon said. “There will definitely be something that will catch my eye in the next couple years.” Aragon said he plans to keep this year’s display up until November 1st.