ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – After a rocky return from the pandemic, one local dance organization is working to build its numbers back up. Duke city swing is set to celebrate their one year anniversary, after their old dance organization dissolved because of the pandemic.

Originally known as “the calming for Dezzy Brown”, the Tuesday night swing dancing club had been around in Albuquerque, going back almost 30 to 40 years at the heights community center. That all came to an end because of the pandemic. But thanks to the founder of the new dance club, Christen Oberman, that’s all come back, as Duke City Swing.

To celebrate their one-year anniversary, the group is holding a swing-aversary and encouraging everyone to attend.

“On May 19, we like I said, we’ll have our swing-aversary It’ll be at Maple Street Dance space, which is another kind of historic place in the swing dance community, there used to be biweekly, Saturday night dance that Maple Street Dance space. So we’re really excited to return there because that’s a place that a lot of people know and love,” said Christen Oberman, president of Duke City Swing.

Currently they have an average attendance between 40 to 80 people at their event, but used to have close to 200 before the pandemic. Duke city swing does hold events regularly, including lesson and a performance team and anyone can sign up. If you would like more information on duke city swing, we will have a link to that here.